The Benefits of Virtual Claims for End Users

The Benefits of Virtual Claims for End Users

Modern technology is an asset. With the click of a few photos, someone can instantly receive virtual estimates for their damaged vehicle.

It’s no wonder people are catching on. Virtual claims are becoming the new normal.

Traditional methods require a person to physically take their vehicle to four or five body shops to receive the best estimate. Virtual claims have replaced this method. Here are the top four reasons auto body repair shops need to have virtual claims available for their customers.

Virtual Claims Benefits

Seamless Customer Experiences

Forward-thinking customers want the ease of having options at their fingertips. 45% of web searches happen on smartphones. This means almost half of all consumers who are looking for business services
are scrolling through their phones rather than their laptops. Customers can send pictures of their damaged vehicle to several auto body repair shops and receive a handful of virtual estimates at once utilizing platforms such as Start2Finish. The auto body repair shop has the option to communicate details virtually to refine the estimate. The quick business interaction is a win for both the customer and the shop owner.

Cutting Turn-Around Time

Before driving to the physical location to receive an estimate phone calls must be made. At that point, customers need to drive to a handful of body shops to receive informed estimates. It could take days for the customer to receive the quotes he or she needs. The length of time a customer is spending on finding repairs just increased. This situation cannot compare with the ease of sending a few photos to multiple auto body repair shops while sitting in the comfort of your home. If a customer is on the go, this is a simple task that can be done in minutes.

The Modern Use of Technology

Customers want to utilize technology and so do businesses. The use of technology within business keeps them current. Customers want options. They want to know they are making an informed decision without compromising accuracy. Virtual claims provide this incentive while also supplying a platform for communication. Because customers utilize apps on their mobile devices auto body repair shops know they must meet customers where they are. One of the effects of the COVID pandemic has been the increased use of technology. Customers are keeping their distance from public places. Technology has been the solution on many fronts to get things accomplished. Auto repair shops that provide virtual estimates are at an advantage.

Average Time Spent Providing Auto Body Repair Estimates

Highly Cost-Effective

No one can argue with the fact that time is money. Virtual claims are cost-effective. The amount of time and energy required for virtual estimates is far less than that of in-person estimates. Money is lost during in-person estimates. Consider the amount of money auto body repair shops pay their employees by the hour. Now, consider the amount of time it takes for an employee to give an estimate over the phone. Don’t forget the loss of income from unknown customers. There is no comparison. The result of virtual claims delivers results.

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